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This Popular Kroger and Stop & Shop Snack Is Being Recalled, FDA Says

This sweet treat could contain undeclared milk.

A voluntary recall has been issued for Kroger and Stop & Shop brand caramel rice cakes, because they may contain undeclared milk, Basic Grain Products said a notice posted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The 6.56-ounce Kroger bags are tan and white, with a rice cake pictured as a hot air balloon. They were shipped to retail distribution centers in Colorado, Indiana, and Kansas. The bags have a UPC code of 0 11110 35792 2 and a best by date of Dec. 15, 2021.

The Stop & Shop bags are blue, tan, and white and show caramel chunks. They were sent to retail distribution centers in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The bags have a UPC code of 6 88267 07615 2 and a best by date of Dec. 15, 2021. To see both labels, go to the FDA's website.

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Basic Grain Products' internal control systems discovered the undeclared milk. While only two lots are affected by the recall, if you do have the rice cakes in your pantry, you should not consume them. Throw them out now or return them to Kroger or Stop & Shop.

If someone with an allergy or sensitivity to milk unknowingly consumes the rice cakes, they could develop a serious or life-threatening reaction.

"Milk allergy is an abnormal response by the body's immune system to milk and products containing milk," the Mayo Clinic says. Symptoms can start soon after consumption and "range from mild to severe and can include wheezing, vomiting, hives and digestive problems."

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