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Kate Hudson Reveals Her Exact Workout for a Toned Butt

The actor and entrepreneur is working hard to stay toned after losing over 25 pounds.

After losing more than 25 pounds with the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) program, Kate Hudson is on a mission to maintain her fit figure. The star has recently been sharing her latest workouts with fans on social media, and she just revealed the exact exercise routine she's been following to tone up her backside. Read on to discover the exact butt workout Hudson does to stay in such incredible shape. And for more insight into your favorite stars' fitness routines, Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Her Exact Workout Routine in New Bikini Video.

She does weighted squats to tone her posterior.

To get her butt strong and toned, Hudson relies on a routine of weighted squats. In a video posted to her Instagram on August 21, Hudson performs a set of squats with dumbbells in her hands, which she keeps parallel to her shoulders. At the end of the set, Hudson holds a squat for 10 seconds, shaking her head as she performs the move.

"All about that squat!" she captioned the clip.

She does ballet-inspired workouts.

In July, Hudson revealed yet another way she keeps her lower half toned: with ballet-inspired workouts.

In a clip posted to her Instagram, Hudson does a series of lunges, arabesques, and leg lifts while wearing ankle weights. "Happy legs," she captioned the video.

She socializes while she exercises.

kate hudson and goldie hawn posing in front of fabletics step-and-repeat
Jeff Vespa / Getty Images for Fabletics

While the pandemic may have kept many people away from their loved ones, Hudson revealed that she managed to stay in consistent contact with her mom, Goldie Hawn, by getting outdoors and exercising together via regular walks and bike rides.

"It's about doing the things you love, eating the things you want to, exercising and not feeling like you need to [push yourself] for two hours in a hot room. You can just take a nice walk and still be healthy," she told Women's Health of her wellness philosophy.

She makes meditation a priority.

Woman meditating indoors

In addition to more intense exercise, Hudson makes meditation a priority for both her physical and mental wellness.

"When I [meditate], I can feel the difference right away. I feel myself becoming calmer, more centered and clearer-headed," she wrote in a 2017 essay. "Meditation also made me realize that there are times when I thought I had a grasp on what was going on with myself internally, then I meditated and found that my body was telling me something different."

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