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These Are Kate Hudson's Go-To Snacks for Weight Loss

The Fabletics co-founder doesn't shy away from treating herself, even when trying to slim down.
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Kate Hudson has been open about her journey to lose 45 pounds of pregnancy weight, documenting her weight-loss progress for her 13 million fans on Instagram. The actor, who's been adhering to the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) plan to shed the weight, has managed to slim down significantly in just a few months—and without depriving herself of her favorite foods.

So, what does the star really snack on to get slim? Read on to discover Hudson's go-to foods, and for more insight into how your favorite celebrities stay in shape, check out Camila Mendes's Exact Workout to Stay Toned.


SafeCatch salmon

cardboard box full of pink packages of salmon from safecatch

Hudson makes healthy protein a priority in her diet, filling up with SafeCatch's sustainably caught wild pacific salmon.

"It looks like cat food. It smells like cat food. I'm so excited," she said in an Instagram video. However, the fish fared better, taste-wise, with Hudson ultimately proclaiming it "the snack of all snacks."

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Siete grain-free chips

bag of grain free siete tortilla chips in lime on white background
Siete Foods

So, what kind of chips does a health-conscious celeb eat when they're peckish? To pair with her salmon, Hudson snacks on Siete grain-free chips.


Simple Mills almond flour crackers

box of almond flour crackers in farmhouse cheddar flavor from simple mills
Simple Mills

Grain-free tortilla chips aren't the only healthier alternative to processed snacks Hudson favors.

"Simple Mills makes an amazing cheddar almond flour cracker. It's like a Cheez-It, but healthy. That's big in our house," she told Prevention in 2020.

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King St. Vodka

bottle of floral-print king street vodka
King St. Vodka

When she wants a treat, Hudson will whip herself up a cocktail using King St. Vodka—a gluten-free vodka made with alkaline water—a brand she launched in 2019. Among her preferred drinks to make with the spirit is an Apple Turmeric Sipper, which combines kombucha, apple cider, vodka, lemon juice, and sliced apple.

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