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Jamba Juice Just Made This Major Menu Change

Jamba Juice is mixing it up with a new menu to master more than smoothies.

Jamba Juice is out to shake up your decades-old perception. The smoothie shop, whose locations exist largely in major cities, has just rolled out a totally new approach to their menu. Word on the street is that customers have been quick to bite.

Beginning with its Southern California founding in 1990, Jamba Juice was arguably ahead of its time as a leading purveyor of smoothies and fresh-pressed juices that gained serious momentum in the early 2000s. In those days, their menu was best known to deliver fresh, whole ingredients and options for nutritional boosts. In more recent years, Jamba Juice has expanded their menu to offer not only sips, but eats—as in, fruit-based bowls, snacks, and even a Belgian waffle.

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Today, they have around 800 locations nationwide, which demonstrates a sustained popularity. However, so many food service brands have been forced to stay nimble with the pandemic turning the food business on its head. In what appears to be their response, Jamba Juice has just launched a push toward their food menu.

Specifically, they've moved their breakfast sandwiches from a buried area of their menu, according to Restaurant Business. Now, finger-friendly breakfast foods like their vegetarian egg bake and plant-based Impossible "handwich" will occupy around 25% of their menu board space. 

It seems the motivation for the Jamba Juice menu update was two-fold: For one thing, an Atlanta-based company bought the brand in 2018 and brought on a new CEO the following year. Plus, following the dynamic food vs. beverage trend that places like Starbucks and Dunkin have caught on to, Jamba's leaders recognize that if a customer enters to buy one of these two, there's an opportunity to sell them the other.

Since launching the "handwiches" just two weeks ago, the brand says they've "seen food attachment to orders climb by triple-digit basis points," according to the Restaurant Business report. It sounds like upselling a breakfast item to a customer who comes in for a juice or smoothie has been a natural fit. All this, they've revealed, will lead to a bigger Jamba Juice food push in the months ahead.

Heads-up to Jamba junkies: If you love those natural ingredients, watch out for Jamba Juice drinks that contain processed foods like frozen yogurt and sherbet. A close look at the list of ingredients for these drinks proves some recipes contain preservatives, which many smoothie devotees typically like to avoid.

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