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Jack In the Box Just Announced Two Major New Sandwiches

And a big upgrade of a crispy classic.

It's been another big year for fried chicken sandwiches, with fast-food chain after fast-food chain adding new options to their menu. Since the start of the year, everyone from giants like McDonald's and KFC, to regional favorites like Hardee's and Bojangles, all released their own versions of the popular menu item.

Now, noticing the stiff competition, Jack In the Box is getting more serious about its own chicken sandwich contenders. The restaurant just released two updated chicken sandwiches—the BBQ Cluck and BBQ Cluck Deluxe. The two are a variation on the chain's Cluck Sandwich, which was first released as a limited-edition menu item in December of 2020. The sandwich is made with fried chicken, pickles, a brioche bun, and a "mystery sauce."

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jack in the box new sandwiches
Courtesy of Jack in the Box

Now, the new BBQ Cluck Sandwich features, as the name implies, barbecue sauce. The BBQ Deluxe Cluck Sandwich, meanwhile, adds bacon, onion rings, and American cheese into the mix. In addition to releasing these two new BBQ varieties, the company has also upgraded the basic Cluck Sandwich, calling the new ones "bigger, crispier, and better" than earlier versions.

"Staying true to our unique and fun approach to menu innovation, we're excited to be offering a BBQ twist on the classic chicken sandwich," said Ryan Ostrom, the chain's Chief Marketing Officer. "The BBQ flavor profile is a route that very few other brands have taken in their chicken sandwich efforts and we're confident this will be a welcomed and exciting update for chicken sandwich fans."

Jack in the Box has beefed up its menu with several new indulgent options this year. Back in June, the company announced four new beloved items—a triple bacon cheeseburger, a quadruple bacon cheeseburger, the restaurant's first cheesy fries, and some bite-sized chocolate croissant pastries created in partnership with Hershey's.

And if you'd rather go with the tried-and-true favorites than the newcomers when it comes to satisfying your chicken sandwich craving, be sure to check out the 5 Best-Selling Chicken Sandwiches in America.

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