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6 Tips for Healthy Aging, According to the CDC 

Improve longevity with these simple tips.

While none of us can stop time and prevent the aging process from occurring, there are a few simple things we can do to stay as healthy as possible as we get older. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion has compiled a list of six actionable tips that will help improve longevity and be the best version of yourself as long as you possibly can. Read on to learn about how you can age gracefully—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You Have "Long" COVID and May Not Even Know It.


Pay Attention to Your Diet

woman on the sofa eating a healthy salad

You are what you eat (and drink!) when it comes to aging, according to the CDC, who suggest prioritizing your diet. "Make healthy choices," they urge, suggesting fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, and water.



Man doing bridging exercise, lying on his back on black mat in empty office interior. Viewed from floor level from his head

"Move more, sit less throughout the day," the CDC advises. "Being active can help you prevent, delay, and manage chronic diseases; improve balance and stamina; reduce risk of falls; and

improve brain health." How much exercise should you get? They suggest aiming for moderate physical activity, like walking, at least 150 minutes a week (22-30 minutes a day) and muscle strengthening activity, like carrying groceries, at least 2 days a week.


Put Down the Pack (or Tin)

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Another key way to age gracefully and healthily is by avoiding all tobacco products. "If you use tobacco, take the first step towards quitting by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW for FREE help," they suggest.


Stay On Top of Your Doctor Appointments

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Getting regular checkups is a key part of healthy aging, the CDC points out. "Visit your doctor for preventive services, not just when you're sick," they explain. "This can prevent disease or find it early, when treatment is more effective."

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Educate Yourself on Your Family History

Fill out the family history section in the medical questionnaire

Many health conditions are genetic, so the CDC advises staying on top of family health history. "Share your family health history with your doctor, who can help you take steps to prevent chronic diseases or catch them early," they say.

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Pay Attention to Changes in Your Brain and Memory

Memory Disorder

The CDC strongly encourages you to be aware of any changes in brain health. "Everyone's brain changes as they age, but dementia is not a normal part of aging," they say. "See your doctor if you have questions about memory or brain health." And to get through life at your healthiest, don't miss these 13 Everyday Habits That Are Secretly Killing You. 

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