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Guy Fieri Just Called Out This Billionaire for Not Helping Food Workers

Naming names is usually "not my style," Fieri said. Then he put this figure on blast.

We all know that hard-working restaurant employees have suffered this past year-plus, but Food Network host Guy Fieri is one figure who seriously rolled up his sleeves to do something to help the "single parents, students, retirees" and others whose livelihoods he says are dependent on food and beverage. Now, in a new Hollywood Reporter interview, Fieri reveals that some major brands have been big supporters of his successful fundraising efforts… but the world's richest dude declined.

Hollywood Reporter has pointed out that over the years, Guy Fieri's had to prove himself to some of the high-brow culinary class. But after his recent success raising $25 million to aid the restaurant industry, some in the business say they are officially believers. In April, Fieri told CBS why he was so worried for the nation's restaurant workers: Because a lot of people in the restaurant industry work "multiple jobs, second jobs," he said, to support themselves and their families. "I don't get pissed or lose my shit. But I was pissed," Fieri said of his panic for food and beverage workers. "The restaurant industry is massively important to our communities."

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That's why Fieri was quick to get on board with the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, as he and his manager hustled to reach out to major corporate figureheads who, they believed, would have an interest in ensuring the nation's restaurant industry stayed alive. From the Hollywood Reporter via Uproxx, Fieri "drafted personal emails to power brokers like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, soliciting donations for an emergency relief fund that would ultimately award more than 43,000 grants—of $500 each—to out-of-work line cooks, servers, and other restaurant professionals." His outreach made an impact, with leaders from brands like Procter & Gamble, Uber Eats, and PepsiCo all donating "huge sums of money."

But when Fieri reached out to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos—the richest man in the world with a reported net worth of $200 billion—Fieri revealed: "I'm not into shaming people and telling who didn't donate, that's not my style." Then before a reported pause, he added: "Jeff, by the way, didn't help us."

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