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4 Foods Reappearing on Grocery Store Shelves

They're back! (But it might not be for long.)

Grocery shoppers are probably still familiar with all the items that have disappeared from grocery store shelves since March 2020. After a year and a half, the trend isn't fully reversing, but there is some good news—grocery items are reappearing as companies are starting to put some of the items they took away back.

Some grocery products saw a huge surge in demand when the pandemic, while others didn't. This, combined with COVID-19 outbreaks in manufacturing plants and shipping and labor shortages, forced companies to cut some items in favor of others. Tyson closed chicken plants, Campbell's cut some of its soups, Mondelez stopped production of about 25% of its products, and more, according to Business Insider.

But as we inch closer to the end of the year, some items are making their way back. "Companies are rebuilding assortment after shrinking last year," analysts from Bank of America said recently, per BI. Here are some of them:

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Frito-Lay Chips

fritos scoops spicy jalapeno

Companies like Frito-Lay decided to cut come chip flavors after the start of the pandemic because of demand for others. If the Fritos Spicy Jalapeño or the Doritos Salsa Verde flavors were your favorites, you probably have been looking for them for a while. Frito-Lay tweeted in May of 2020 that both of these would be temporarily discontinued. But with the rebuilding now happening, they could be back soon. They both are currently available to order on Amazon.


Aluminum Cans

soda aisle with cans and bottles of soda

Some Coca-Cola and beer products were disappearing in the early stages of lockdowns as people adjusted to being home more often. This meant some classic soda brands like Tab, Northern Neck Ginger Ale, Cherry Coke Zero, Pibb Xtra, and more were gone from shelves as the company worked to keep up with demand for other drinks. But time has passed, so this could change.


Pantry Staples and Snacks

pepperidge farm cookies

Like chips, a few varieties of pantry staples and snacks were not on the top of sales lists as people panic bought their favorites during the first months of the pandemic, so they were phased out. But as demand died down and people started branching out via their grocery list, things are coming back. These include Pepperidge Farm cookies, Kellogg's cereal, and Campbell's and Progressive soups.

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Toilet Paper

Toilet paper in the hands of the buyer in the store

Okay, we know this one has been talked about again and again, but the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 was unlike any we've ever seen. With that being said, when a grocery store has a huge supply of this household item reappearing, it is a sight to see. Just ask these Reddit users who are skeptical of why there are huge stacks of rolls at Costco.

With no product limits and a huge supply, though, comes people panic buying, especially as the number of COVID-19 cases rises again.

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