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World's Largest Pizza Chain Debuts a Rice Bowl

Think pizza toppings on hot buttered rice.

When a pizza chain starts taking over the world, it's only natural to expect some crossover items between pizza and popular staples of international cuisines. At the end of 2020, Domino's operated more than 700 stores in Japan, and was the country's number one pizza delivery brand. Because of its popularity there, the chain is launching a dish that brings together the best of both worlds: the Pizza Rice Bowls.

Just as McDonald's created Arepas for its Colombian and Venezuelan customers and Burger King launched Fish 'n' Chip Butty in New Zealand, Domino's was also looking to cater to local palates. The new rice bowls consist of a bed of butter rice topped by a layer of cheese and with a selection of toppings added over that—a nod to Japan's traditional Donburi dish. Many of the rice bowl toppings, such as bell peppers, pepperoni, and mushrooms, are easily recognizable to the American consumer, while others, like shrimp, octopus, and Hokkaido Camembert cheese. are distinctly absent from American pizza menus.

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An ad posted on Domino's Japanese website reads in part: "Is it a pizza? Is it a Japanese food?" and then goes on to say customers can "Enjoy our original take on the rice bowl, with rice covered with some of our classic topping combos". The company is currently offering seven different Pizza Rice Bowls, including options like Pizza Rice Bowl Garlic Master, Pizza Rice Bowl Char-Grilled Beef, and Pizza Rice Bowl 5 Cheese. Prices for the bowls range from ¥1099 to ¥1299 for delivery (takeout is cheaper), which is equivalent to about $10 to $12.

Sadly, the Pizza Rice Bowl is a Domino's menu item exclusive to Japan. For more on Domino's, check out:

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