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This Is When The Next Batch of Dolly Parton's Sold-Out Ice Cream Will Ship

If you missed the first two releases, hold your horses—because this time, there's a serious wait.

OK, we knew Dolly Parton was having a moment… but if you were hoping for her second shipment of ice cream, sadly you had way less than a moment to grab it this week. Thursday's followup release of Strawberry Pretzel Pie sold out instantly, again. This time, it'll take way longer than a week for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams to craft the next supply.

Our editors have been tracking the Jeni's x Dolly Parton Strawberry Pretzel Pie ice cream saga—not only because we're here to keep you informed, but because we really want to get our spoons on it, too. On April 8, when Dolly Parton's ice cream went on sale the first time, we were among those who realized it was immediately game-over. Jeni's issued an apology via social media, explaining that they hadn't actually sold out, contrary to what many fans believed. They'd just experienced technical issues that took a day to resolve.

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When things were back online, Jeni's issued a notification on their site that another shipment would be available this past Thursday, April 15, when they sent an email to subscribers to let them know when the second Dolly's sale was live. But—as anyone would guess—once more, the 5,000 pints sold out in a flash, as they announced on Instagram. Over on their website, Jeni's stated: "At 3 p.m. (ET) on 4/15, we will offer a pre-order on a second run of 15,000 Strawberry Pretzel Pie pints…"

…Available when? "Available with a ship date in August."

The fan reactions on Instagram ranged from "So happy for those that grabbed Strawberry Pretzel Pie today!" to the more grumblesome soul who said they'd support Dolly Parton's reading program for children another way: "I'm just going to donate to the Imagination Library. Trying to get that ice cream was a headache." Another follower made this request: "My humble suggestion is to possibly try non-prime working hours for any future releases." All valid, while a lot of comments indicate more shoppers saw better luck with the second sale.

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