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3 New Menu Items Cracker Barrel Is Releasing This Spring

New heat n' serve options are in!

This week, Cracker Barrel unveiled a couple of new offerings that are tailor-made for no-fuss family dinners. The new heat n' serve meals are delicious combos of one main and several of the chain's most famous fixin's. All you need to do is, well, heat them and enjoy.

The offers are part of the Cracker Barrel's new "Spring Into the Season" campaign, which also incorporates customized gift baskets and children's apparel. The Old Country Store truly is doing it all.

All of these meals will be available for pick-up starting April 2 and through April 4, but you can already pre-order them online at Cracker Barrel's website. Read on to learn about all the delicious details.

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Prime Rib Heat n' Serve

cracker barrel prime rib
Courtesy of Cracker Barrel

First up for Cracker Barrel's new releases: the Prime Rib Heat n' Serve spread. This homestyle meal centers around a juicy red cut of prime rib, paired with au jus and horseradish sauces, of course. To fill the rest of the table, the country store also includes their decadent mashed potatoes with roasted gravy, sweet yeast rolls, and two additional sides. It'll run you $114.99, but considering the fact it feeds 4-6 people (family dinner-size, in Cracker Barrel terms), it is well worth the spend.

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Easter Heat n' Serve, Feast Size

cracker barrel
Cracker Barrel/ Facebook

The popular holiday option Easter Heat n' Serve has officially made another comeback. It looks a lot like its prime rib counterpart, but instead of prime rib, the show-stopper here is the smokehouse ham which is sugar-cured and packed with flavor. It comes with mashed potatoes, roasted gravy, and yeast rolls. Meant to feed 8 to 10 people, the Feast option also comes with two buttermilk pies and a choice of three additional sides, all for $144.99. Not a bad way to do Easter!


Easter Heat n' Serve, Family Dinner Size

easter cracker barrel
Cracker Barrel/ Facebook

The difference between sizes lies in the pies. The Family Dinner doesn't include the two buttermilk pies and comes with just two additional sides. The meal is made to feed a smaller crowd of 4 to 6 people and is conceived of as a more modest family dinner rather than a feast for the holiday table. It will cost you $84.99, making it the most affordable spring heat n' serve option by far.

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