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Costco Is Launching This Special New Liquor

Three varieties are coming in June 2021!

There are hundreds of bottles in Costco's alcohol section, ranging from wine to hard seltzer (which is back for the summer!), to other spirits, and liquors. And according to insiders on the web, there are three new Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey varieties coming to a Costco warehouse near you in June.

Reddit user @Old_Riff_502 says three different bourbon bottles are dropping this summer, including Kirkland X Barton 1792 Bottled-In-Bond, Single Barrel, and Small Batch. According to Lost Cargo, a whiskey site that covers releases, the launch is significant—Costco rarely reveals the producers of many of its alcohol products.

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There's not much more info available about the three, like how much the bottles will cost or where you'll be able to buy them.

But we do have access to the back of the new bourbon bottles at Costco, according to Lost Cargo. The 92-proof, 1 Liter Small Batch Bourbon "is enjoyable smooth with its notes of oak and rye spice accented by vanilla and caramel. These notes grow and meld together ending in a sweet, lingering finish." It is distilled and bottled at the Barton 1792 Distillery in Louisville, Ky.

The 100-proof Bottled-In-Bond "is wonderfully balanced. Its subtle notes of candied fruit and honey give way to a pleasant spice, bringing out the true character of the rye. It is rounded out with an oaky, lasting finish that is reminiscent of the aroma of the Kentucky barrel warehouses from which it came." It is distilled and bottled at the company's distillery in Bardstown, Ky.

The 120-proof Single Barrel "is characterized by strong notes of oak interlaced with honey, caramel and dried fruit notes. It finishes with a long, lasting spicy rye finish. This Single Barrel expression is non-chill filtered and showcases the unique character of every barrel." It is also distilled and bottled in Bardstown.

Plus, they all have other differences, @Old_Riff_502, the original poster, says.

Users in the comments are hoping their stores in places like Ohio, Oregon, Texas, New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other states will be part of the lucky ones, but may be out of luck thanks to state liquor laws.

As we wait for the June launch, here are 15 other things you'll see at Costco in 2021, according to insiders. And to get all the latest news about Costco and its products delivered right to your email inbox every day, sign up for our newsletter!

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