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Some Costco Customers Are Angry About Its Lifted Mask Rules

Costco is allowing fully vaccinated members to enter warehouses without a face mask in some locations.

Costco and other grocery store chains just announced on Friday that vaccinated customers no longer have to wear a mask as they shop. The announcements came a day after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released new recommendations for mask-wearing for individuals who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Now, members and employees are speaking out about how they really feel about the change.

The new rule says that in locations with no state or local mask requirements, Costco will allow members and their guests who are fully vaccinated to enter a warehouse without a face mask or shield. "We will not require proof of vaccination, but we ask for members' responsible and respectful cooperation with this revised policy," the chain says. (In areas that do have a state or local mask ordinance, there's no policy change.)

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Some members don't agree with the change.

costco social distancing sign

In an Instagram post, user @costcodeals shared information about the change, and comments included "Keeping my mask on!" and "Time for online shopping!!!"

Conversation about the rules change took place on Reddit, as well. One user threatened to "cancel" their membership.

Others say it's about time.

costco line coronavirus

"It's common sense. Thank you, Costco!" one Instagram user commented on the post from @costcodeals.

Many of the comments on the aforementioned Reddit post were downvoted, meaning that enough users clicked the down arrows to hide them in the thread.

Several employees chimed in with differing opinions.

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"I work the door at the Monterey Park Costco in CA and once the CDC announced about the masks, people have been giving trouble. I try really hard to not let members get to me but some can be rude," one self-identified employee commented on @costcodeals' Instagram post. "I tell them that we are following the state mandate but they don't want to hear it. So please be nice members. We are just doing our jobs. If upset, ask to speak to the governor. Thank you."

Other employees are apparently taking a different approach, and some customers aren't pleased.

Some members are only interested in what it means for other policies—like the food court.

Costco food court

As of May 17, Costco is still outlawing indoor seating and keeping items like condiments and cutlery behind the counter. It's slowly bringing back some menu items like churros, ice cream, and smoothies.

Some members have neither showed support nor opposition for the mask rule change, but they're eager to know if updated food court policies will take effect soon.

"Does that mean we are getting the whole combo pizzas back too?!?" one shopper asked on Instagram.

For more information about Costco's updated mask policy, you can visit the chain's website. And to get all of the latest Costco (and other grocery store) news delivered right to your email inbox every day, sign up for our newsletter!

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