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Brie Larson Shares Her Workout That "Feels Amazing" in New Video

The "Captain Marvel" star is working hard to get into superhero shape as Carol Danvers once again.
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Brie Larson is shaping up to return to the big screen as Carol Danvers in the upcoming film The Marvels, and it's clear that the actor isn't taking any shortcuts in the gym to get into superhero form.

On July 29, Larson shared her latest workout with fans on Instagram, revealing the grueling routine that tones her up and "feels amazing," despite looking about as tough as it gets.

In the clip, Larson can be seen tackling a set of Bulgarian split squats. Larson elevates one leg behind her body onto a bench while the other remains flat on the ground below her. Larson, who is seen holding heavy weights in both hands, then bends both knees, bringing her back knee as close to the ground as possible as she squats, grunting all the while. "I just stare into the void," she joked during the workout.

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In the clip, Larson is attached via a belt and pulley to the platform of the Exxentric kBox4 on which she stands. The actor can be seen doing a series of traditional split squats on the platform, grunting hard as she works.

"We love to find new ways to kick my butt don't we @risemovement ?," she captioned the video. While it's clear that Larson's hard work in the gym is already paying off, we're sure it pales in comparison to what she'll be bringing as Captain Marvel on the big screen!

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