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This Beloved Chicken Chain Is Finally Launching a New Sandwich

The iconic chicken destination now has a new and improved chicken sandwich.

The iconic regional chicken chain Bojangles is launching an all-new crispy chicken sandwich, because why would all the other chains have all the fun? The popular brand famous for Southern fare of fried chicken, biscuits, and sweet tea has put out the brand new creation at its 775 locations on Monday, and so far, it's been a welcome addition.

"Bojangles knows a thing or two about delicious, perfectly flavored chicken served right, so who better to give fans a chicken sandwich that is sure to please," said Chef Marshall Scarborough, vice president of menu and culinary innovation for Bojangles. "And we can say with confidence that Bo's Chicken Sandwich is so cluckin' good you know it could only be Bojangles."

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Bo's Chicken Sandwich is served with a toasted and buttered bakery bun while the meat is marinated chicken breast, hand-breaded with a crispy buttermilk coating and dusted with a secret mix of bold spices. Accompanying the chicken is a layer of creamy, zesty mayonnaise affixed with thick-cut dill pickles. A pretty classic combo that always seems to work.

The item is available at all Bojangles locations for $3.99.

And while this isn't the first chicken sandwich for the chain, according to some, it's an improvement on their Cajun Filet Sandwich. An initial review of the item published in The Fayetteville Observer said the new version has a chicken filet that's "larger, crunchier and more organically shaped, with the thickest part of the breast filet hanging off the bun."

According to the article, although this is being promoted as a classic chicken sandwich, the spice level is definitely there thanks to that punchy marinade, and would probably fall somewhere between the Original and the Spicy chicken sandwiches from Popeyes. All in all, Bo's new sandwich can really hold its own against the holy grail of chicken sandwiches—and we can't wait to find out just how much that's true.

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