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This National Pizza Chain Just Launched a Game-Changing New Cheesy Bread

Their chief culinary officer tells us you've never had a cheesy bread like this before. He might be right.

If you recall the days when tough-to-chew breadsticks topped with a tiny shake of parmesan were considered a stellar side to pizza, well… how times have changed. This week, one of America's more modern (and fastest-growing) pizza chains debuted a head-turning new cheesy bread that may have just raised the bar for us all. Check out what Blaze Pizza has been baking.

This week via social media, Blaze Pizza announced: "Cheesy bread just got a MAJOR upgrade!" Previously, the brand had offered a cheesy bread baked with—well, cheese—plus a sprinkle of oregano and a drizzle of olive oil, accompanied by marinara.

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Not bad for starters, to be sure. However, now Blaze Pizza has upped the game on this "simple and familiar fan favorite," according to Chef Brad Kent, Blaze Pizza's co-founder and chief culinary officer, in an exclusive statement to Eat This, Not That!

Courtesy of Blaze Pizza

Chef Brad described the new pesto garlic cheesy bread that's currently featured on Blaze Pizza's "What's New" menu section. "With our Pesto Garlic Cheesy Bread, we wanted to create a version that's special and more complex," Kent said. "Our version is built on a foundation of our made-in-house 24-hour-plus fermented dough, topped with whole milk mozzarella and chopped California heirloom garlic. It is hearth-baked in our live fire stone oven, and then finished with a basil pesto drizzle made with true extra virgin olive oil, and served with our fresh packed made-in-house vine ripened tomato sauce." Why two packages of tomato sauce? "Because one is just not enough," Kent says.

Plus, according to Blaze Pizza's Instagram, if you have any kind of sensitivity to nuts, the pesto, which is traditionally made with nuts such as pine nuts or cashews, is actually nut-free. It's also crafted with olive oil that the brand describes as "Spanish cultivar." (That's code for premium.)

It seems Blaze Pizza's new cheesy bread is definitely not the underwhelming (or overly grease-slathered) cheesy bread of eras past. Get the Eat This, Not That! newsletter for more breaking food news you need, and check out Blaze Pizza's aggressive national expansion plans to see if they're coming your way. Also, keep reading:

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