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This is America's Favorite Supermarket to Get This Essential, New Survey Says

Is your go-to on the list?

There are tons of things shoppers love about their favorite grocery store. Walmart fans know the total won't be too high when they shop at America's largest grocery chain. And Costco members are obsessed with everything in the bakery section and at the food court.

Both of those grocery stores have a section of the store in common—a pharmacy. However, neither score in the top three in brick-and-mortar supermarket customer satisfaction in the 2021 J.D. Power U.S. Pharmacy Study. Between September 2020 and May 2021, 12,646 participants who filled a prescription during the three months prior to the survey answered questions about their satisfaction with pharmacies. Here are the ones they love the most!

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publix entrace

Customers have delightful interactions at the Publix pharmacy, making it reach the top 4. Its total score was 884—just one point ahead of the #5 pharmacy, Albertsons.

This one offers 90-day bottles for $7.50 and compound medications among other perks that clearly have people coming back.

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Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop

There are over 400 Stop & Shop stores in the northeastern areas of the U.S., and customers really like its pharmacy. Features it offers include pet prescriptions, auto refills, health screenings and vaccinations, and an app that manages everything. The chain scored 885 out of 100 in the survey.




Coming in second is Wegmans, with a score of 892, and it could be because the chain offers customers four ways to get their medications, including in the store, in the mail, home delivery through Instacart, and curbside pickup.

There are currently over 100 Wegmans stores in seven states: Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, so the options for locations to get medications are vast.

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H-e-b grocerty texas

The #1 grocery pharmacy for customer service is this Texas chain—proving that everything is bigger in this state, even the love for the H-E-B pharmacy. It offers nutrition service, $4 generic prescriptions, flavoring, pet medications, discounted lab services, and more at over 420 stores in 150 communities.

The chain is also in the process of expanding to a new area of the state for the first time ever.

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