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These New "Anti-Energy" Drinks Are Hitting Grocery Store Shelves

Mindfulness lovers around the world are trying "mind-coolers." But can you really find calm from a can?

A new beverage trend is introducing a new twist on mindfulness by claiming that "anti-energy drinks" can deliver calmness in a can.

Given that the pandemic has produced anxiety and negative emotions for more of us than ever before, brands like Canada's zero-calorie Slow Cow Mind Cooler are positioning themselves as a beverage fix. It's a no-sugar blend of chamomile, linden, and four other key botanicals, which the brand says can promote "a stress-free lifestyle and creates a natural relaxation"—the total opposite effect of what a classic energy drink promises.

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slow cow anti-energy drink
Slow Cow

Developed in 2006 as a loose parody to Red Bull, Slow Cow has called itself "calm in a can"—a slogan that is suddenly yielding more sales as the brand expands into wider global territories. Beverage Daily reports the company "has seen huge success" recently in Canada and Scandinavia, and now, it's also available in the United Kingdom.

Other anti-energy beverages have also hit shelves in the past, but by most accounts, they've had an underwhelming response. However, thanks in part to juggling work and family life during the pandemic, the sudden increase in anti-energy drink sales could be proof that cracking open a can of all-natural ingredients may seem even simpler than brewing tea.

Just last week, we reported how classic energy drink brands are attracting new customers with flavor innovation. For decades, millions of people have turned to energy drink brands like Red Bull for more oomph. Now, for anyone who's thirsting for tranquility in the age of Zoom life and masks, this anti-energy fad may be an interesting one to follow.

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