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This Is America's #1 Most Craveable Fast-Food Taco, New Data Says

Is your favorite in the top five?

Tacos are one of the pillars of American fast food. They're cheap, versatile when it comes to protein and add-ons, and all-around some of our favorite items when fast-food cravings hit. Moreover, as many as 15% of chain restaurants, some of which don't even specialize in Mexican fare, serve them—a testament to their overall popularity.

When it comes to the most craveable fast-food taco, customers usually have strong opinions on their favorites. Thanks to a new data set published by research company Technomic and reported by Restaurant Business, we can now gauge how our own personal favorites line up with the votes of other taco-lovers.

Here are the taco chains that were voted as serving America's most craveable tacos right now. For more, check out The Unhealthiest Restaurant Tacos—Ranked.


Taco John's

taco johns beef taco
Courtesy of Taco John's

The generously stuffed beef tacos at Taco John's are a hit with customers who are in the market for a well-portioned meal.

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Jack In the Box

jack in the box deep fried taco
Jack in the Box/ Facebook

The burger chain may have been the biggest surprise of this lineup, scoring fourth place in the taco craveability ranking. Consumers cited the texture of their deep-fried tacos and their value as the reasons for their votes.


Taco Bell

taco bell soft shell taco
Taco Bell / Facebook

Is anyone surprised to see Taco Bell on the list? Fans of the beloved chain are split between their crunchy and soft tacos in terms of which option provides most craveability. Lucky for them, Taco Bell recently announced a taco subscription pilot program, which will give you one free taco for 30 days at low flat monthly fee.


Del Taco

del taco crispy chicken taco
Courtesy of Del Taco

Del Taco stood out for its chicken street tacos and crispy chicken tacos, as well as its habanero sauce, which was mentioned as very craveable.



rubios fish taco
Courtesy of Rubio's

Rubio's fish tacos stole the show in this consumer survey. They were characterized as unique and an offering you "can't get anywhere else." Consumers also raved about the chain's choice of fish, which is mahi mahi, the special sauce, and the use of fresh ingredients, according to Restaurant Business.

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