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People Are Concerned About Finding This in ALDI Bagged Salads

They report finding "more core chunks" in the bags.

Bagged salad is a very convenient and popular grocery item, and just one kit comes with pretty much everything you need to whip up a fresh salad for lunch or dinner at home. But some ALDI shoppers are asking questions about the chopped salads sold at the supermarket chain because there are allegedly more "core chunks" in them now than there were before.

One Reddit user asked if anyone else had noticed this phenomenon recently, claiming that they keep finding what appear to be chunks of lettuce stems in the salads. There doesn't seem to be a hard rule about whether or not you can eat these, but they don't look as appetizing as the leaves themselves. (Related: This Is the Best Supermarket in America, New Survey Says.)

ALDI recently revamped its sustainability and low-waste commitments, but including lettuce stems doesn't seem to be in the plan. For some shoppers, the mere presence of the stems has led them to adjust their spending habits.

Another commenter said they don't buy "bagged Listeria" anymore, referencing the fact that bagged salad is a grocery category that has been the subject of numerous food recalls in the past. In fact, bags of salad sold at many grocery stores, including ALDI, were recalled last summer because of an outbreak of Cyclospora. While not related to Listeria, a recent Cyclospora outbreak accounted for more than 200 illnesses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The user who originally started the conversation responded to other Reddit users in the comments, saying they didn't notice the alleged change until about two weeks ago. If they had more time, they would make salads themself instead of buying a bagged option. Fortunately, we've got some easy (and healthy) salads recipes up our sleeve—here is a Quick Spinach-Pomegranate Salad With Roasted Turkey Recipe, a Quick Pickled Cucumber Salad Recipe, and a Quick and Easy Curried Egg Salad Recipe.

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Amanda McDonald
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