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Costco May Soon Be Opening Up a New Location Near You

Five states are getting new locations sooner than you may think!

While Costco has halted the production of some of its signature products (RIP to the sheet cakes) and changed a few things about the shopping experience (samples are individually wrapped now), they are still running business as usual so customers can get all the great deals and bulk items they desire.

Soon there will be even more locations to shop. The company recently announced five stores will be opening up in five different states within the next two months.

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Be prepared for a new Costco location in your neighborhood before September is over. Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Bismarck, North Dakota, Saratoga Springs, Utah, Surprise, Arizona, and Idaho Falls, Idaho are all getting brand new superstores, according to Acorns. Two delivery centers are also opening up in Ontario and San Jose, California.

Even with the coronavirus pandemic drastically changing the grocery industry, the stores are opening on time. This is because Costco works a few years ahead, Acorns says. They know delaying opening the stores could end up costing a lot.

Unfortunately, with the good news comes some bad, as well. Costco is closing some locations, like one in Phoenix, Arizona.

But rest assured knowing that the wholesale stores that are staying open will have what you need. A single Costco superstore stocks about 3,700 items. You are less likely to find empty shelves here compared to other places. Walmart stocks about 140,000 items and Target has around 75,000. This is good news in case virus cases continue to rise and states go on lockdown again.

Plus, Costco is one of the grocery chains requiring all customers to wear a face mask. They also aren't having employees loading and unloading your cart, so there are fewer people handling your food. And they changed up senior hours, which will now only be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 10 a.m.

In preparation for your next trip, or for your first at one a new Costco location, here are 15 Costco Hacks That Take Full Advantage Of Their Deals.

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