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These are the Most Sought-After Foods at the Grocery Store, New Survey Finds

They might not be what you think they are!

Stocking up during the pandemic isn't new. Grocery shoppers have been buying some specific items in bulk since March. The trend is wearing off, but it could pick back up if there a second round of stay-at-home orders is issued. And while some snack foods and other less-than-healthy items are catching a lot of peoples' eye, a new survey has found exactly what the most sought-after grocery items are. 

The Transparency Trends: Omnichannel Grocery Shopping from the Consumer Perspective survey of 1,000 shoppers was recently released by Label Insight and FMI – The Food Industry Association. It found that over 60% of people are purchasing their items online. But, as the coronavirus continues to spread, the survey results show that people want to stay healthy. 

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Of those online shoppers, 25% of say low or sugar-free items are what they want most. High-protein and low-carb choices are the next most sought-after foods at 21% and 20%. This isn't surprising if you look at how 73% say the nutritional value and ingredients in foods are very important to them.

That's not all. According to the survey, 58% say they want foods labeled fat-free, sugar-free, high fiber, low-sugar, and low-carb. Many are taking it a step further. The survey says of those who shop online, 45% want diet-specific foods. This includes products related to specific meal plans like Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, and more. Some of these customers are also shopping for two or more health programs. 

Many stores and brands have caught onto this trend, even before the pandemic. From Keto snack mixes to veggie burgers and zero-sugar grass-fed beef jerky, Costco has tons of options. Shopping for a specific diet at Walmart is relatively easy, too. A variety of Keto snacks there will satisfy any craving (like one for salmon or chocolate!).

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