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The One Ingredient Everyone Despises In Their Delivery Order

It seems Americans really loathe this topping!

On Tuesday, July 14, Uber Eats released their 2020 Uber Eats Cravings Report, giving insight to their customer's crazy behaviors and food preferences from the past year. While this report provided customers with funny quotes and requests from loving customers, the most interesting data came from the unique delivery order requests—specifically when it came to altering menu items. According to their data, the number one delivery request made by Americans was "no onions," so it's clearly the most despised ingredient.

The most popular delivery requests made in the U.S.

Even though "no onions" is the number one request, there are a few other popular delivery requests made across the U.S. Here are the top ten requests made by Americans through the Uber Eats app.

  • No onions
  • Extra Sauce
  • No tomatoes
  • Crispy
  • Side of ranch
  • Dressing on the side
  • Extra spicy
  • Well done
  • Light ice
  • Extra ketchup

It seems America has a love-hate relationship with tomatoes (between the request with "no tomatoes" and "extra ketchup"), a fondness for spicy and crispy food, and extra sauce (even if it's on the side), there's not a request for extra onions. Looks like customers really do find onions to be the most despised ingredient.

Other toppings American's passed on

Onions and tomatoes were items that customers easily passed on, but they weren't the only toppings that people requested to be removed from their orders. Other popular items that didn't make the top 10 include requests for no pickles, no ice, no jalapeños, and no cucumbers.

The toppings American's requested the most

While Americans were passing on those core vegetable toppings, it seems they loved adding on their favorite sauces. According to their report, the most popular "extra" items ordered were extra sauce, extra ranch, extra cheese, extra spicy, and extra honey mustard.

The 2020 Uber Eats Cravings Report also breaks down the top delivery requests in every state, as well as the craziest food combinations that people ordered. Pizza and ketchup? Chicken with strawberries? America certainly has a unique range of cravings.

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