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This Whole Foods Hack Will Save You So Much Money

This insider tip will help you save on your next grocery bill.

What was once referred to as "Whole Paycheck," Whole Foods has slowly but surely distanced itself from its high prices of the past. After Amazon bought the grocery chain in 2017, the online retail giant has implemented countless promotions and programs that have steadily made Whole Foods more affordable over the years. For example, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you automatically get an extra 10% off items with yellow sale signs as well as exclusive access to weekly deals.

If you don't want to shell out $119 for the annual Amazon Prime membership, there are still ways to save when you're grocery shopping — all you need is the low-down on this secret hack.

Whole Foods has a policy where you can request a smaller portion of an item than what you see on grocery shelves. "In many of our departments, if you only need a certain portion of a particular item, you can ask a team member to get just what you need. For instance, we are always happy to cut down a wedge of cheese or half a melon so you can take home only the amount you want," a Whole Foods Market spokesperson told us over email. (After all, one of the sneaky ways grocery stores get you to spend more is to package product in value packs.)

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When parmesan is $19.99 a pound, this money-saving hack certainly comes in handy. Whether you're single and only cooking for yourself, or you only need a particular amount of cheese for your family meal—and don't want the rest to go to waste, there's no reason you need to buy one of the large chunks of parmesan that's already wrapped up. Simply ask a Whole Foods employee to cut you exactly what you need, and you can end up saving a good chunk of cash. (Speaking of not wanting your cheese to go bad before you eat it, that might only be your concern if you're storing your cheese wrong.)

The same thing goes for melon, broccoli, watermelon, and the like. By asking an employee to split up a package, you can slash your total significantly.

To save even more at the grocery store, consider shopping Whole Food's private label: 365 by Whole Foods Market. The brand offers a wide assortment of products that rival their brand name competitors at a great value. One last tip to keep your wallet fat is to purchase a full case of product. If you buy an entire case of one product in one flavor — be it yogurt, kombucha, or snacks — you receive a 10 percent discount.

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Olivia Tarantino
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