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7 Menu Items McDonald's Is Bringing Back Next Month

The menu is about to get a little bigger after being limited to reduce drive-thru times.

The coronavirus pandemic forced higher-ups at McDonald's to look at their food options and what items were essential in a drive-thru centered world. Thus, salads, yogurt parfaits, bagels, all-day breakfast, and almost 100 other items were cut. The fast-food giant found success with a limited menu, as total order times dropped by almost 30 seconds, and customers said their orders were delicious and correct.

But, get ready for some items to return to McDonald's menu later this month and into July. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Bacon McDouble, hot tea, two Quarter Pounder options, and three desserts will be available again. The vanilla cone is one of those desserts coming back, says the New York Post.

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"Our menu strategy really has been focused as a result of Covid and the success we've had with a limited menu," says Joe Erlinger, president of McDonald's USA, in a call with reporters.

Not on the list are all-day breakfast items. Last week it was announced that the National Owners Association, which represents about 80% of franchised McDonald's locations, voted to take all-day breakfast off McDonald's menu permanently. Sales rose when the iconic change was made in 2015, but the large number of menu items took a toll. The brand said in 2019 that operators could choose which breakfast options they want to serve all day.

This news isn't necessarily a surprise after the drive-thru-only model didn't hurt McDonald's as much as other fast-food chains. Some items removed from the menu at the beginning of the pandemic may never make their return. Which means we may never get to taste the chocolate chip cookies, chicken sandwich, and more ever again.

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