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McDonald's Secretly Removes This Burger From Its Menu After Trial Run

Some things just don't last forever.

A new menu item coming to your favorite fast food restaurant is always exciting, especially when an icon like McDonald's decides to do something radically different. This is what happened when the Golden Arches introduced the P.L.T.—a burger made up of lettuce and tomato atop a Beyond Meat patty. But all good things must come to an end, as Mickey D's has pulled the plug on this sandwich.

The P.L.T. was McDonald's trip into the plant-based space and was only available in locations in Canada as a trial run. Back in January, it was said that the burger could be found at 52 restaurants and would extend its stay on these menus for a few more months. But in April, the P.L.T. was quietly removed, with McDonald's not giving a public statement on the results of the trial and the fate of the burger.

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One fan did inquire on Twitter and the official McDonald's Canada account replied, letting her (and the rest of the world) know that there are "no current plans to bring it back to our menu at this time."

While this news might be a bit of a bummer for those who follow a plant-based diet and were hoping to see this burger expand to more locations, this could possibly have to do with the state of McDonald's menu in general right now. As you may know, McDonald's trimmed down its menu options everywhere because of the global pandemic. The limited menu meant cutting salads, sandwiches, breakfast, and dessert items. But the cuts allowed for a more streamlined menu that even ended up reducing the amount of time you'll spend waiting for your food, as the McDonald's drive-thru got 25 seconds faster.

It's currently unclear if any more plant-based options will make their way to the McDonald's menu down the line but for now, the P.L.T. is an item of the past. Other fast-food restaurants have been delving more and more into the plant-based options, with Starbucks recently adding an Impossible Breakfast Sandwich to its summer options, and of course, Burger King's Impossible Whopper has been a staple since 2019.

The P.L.T. might be gone, but we wouldn't be surprised if McDonald's decides to try out other plant-based meals down the line. Time will tell!

Jennifer Maldonado
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