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5 Major Changes You'll See at Burger King Going Forward

The beloved burger chain is undergoing a massive makeover in these locations.

The pandemic has completely changed the way we get food, and restaurants are actively learning how they can navigate the new normal so they can tailor to consumers' needs all while staying safe. Burger King is the first corporate fast-food chain to announce that it's completely changing the layout of its restaurants as a result of evolving consumer behaviors.

In 2021, Burger King locations will look a little different in Miami, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The new restaurant model, called the "Restaurant of Tomorrow," is designed to cater largely to takeout orders and improve efficiency. Below, you'll see five major changes that are going to occur to locations in warmer places.


There will now be a drive-in section.

burger king parking lot
Courtesy of Burger King

Now you can drive up to a Burger King and park the car just as you would at a drive-in movie theater. In this brand new section, drivers can park their cars under solar-powered canopies, load the Burger King app on their phones, scan a QR code at their parking spots, and place an order. An employee will then deliver their order straight to them within a few minutes. (Related: 7 Secrets Food Delivery Workers Want You to Know Right Now).


Expect to have curbside delivery as an option.

burger king street
Courtesy of Burger King

For those who want to order ahead using the mobile app, they can pick up their order at an entirely separate station dedicated to just curbside delivery orders. All of you have to do is notify employees when you have arrived by following the instructions on the parking signs.


Outdoor dining will now be a thing at Burger King.

burger king sandwiches fries and drinks

Outdoor dining has enabled restaurants to survive the pandemic, and Burger King wants to follow suit with this trend moving into the new year. With this new model, guests will be able to enjoy on-premise dining outdoors under a shaded patio. In one such design meant for Burger Kings located in urban areas, both the kitchen and the outdoor dining space (which will be covered by an awning) will be suspended above the drive-thru lanes.


The drive-thru will be more high-tech than ever before.

burger king drive thru
Bruce VanLoon/Shutterstock

The drive-thru will have two or three lanes, in a similar fashion as to how some banks have multiple lanes. Each lane will be equipped with a digital menu board and the customers' orders will be delivered via a conveyor belt system. The lanes will have their very own pick-up spot, too. A drive-thru has never been this contactless!


There will be food lockers for to-go orders.

tray of burger king food

Finally, there will be food lockers for both mobile and delivery orders. Customers will have to punch in their unique code to unlock the locker and receive their orders.

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