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The Surprising Reason Your Pizza Delivery Is Taking Longer Than Ever Before

Safety precautions because of the pandemic are causing changes to the way food you order is being brought to you.

If there is one thing many people have learned living during a pandemic, it's just how important takeout and food delivery really is, especially the hard-working employees who bring the meals right to your door. There's a good chance you've ordered a pizza pie (or three or four) during the last few months. And if you happened to order from Domino's, you're not alone, as the chain has reported sales have been up.

But if you noticed the delivery of said pizza was taking a bit longer than normal, well that's fairly common, too.

So why exactly is pizza delivery taking longer?

Well, for Domino's specifically, there is a very valid reason your pizza takes longer to get into your hands. As one delivery worker, Theo Parmenter, described, Domino's has fully embraced the contactless delivery system.

For the pizza chain, that means before the delivery person knocks on your door, he or she has to set up a cardboard pedestal on the floor outside the front door to place the pizza box on, which keeps it off the ground. Then, the doorbell can be rung, and the delivery person steps away, maintaining the six-feet distance.

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Having to construct the cardboard contraption that prevents your pizza box from touching the floor and allows for the delivery person to not have to come into direct contact with the person who placed the order does result in a longer wait time for the customer. On top of that, this delivery driver in particular went on to say that oftentimes, he has to explain to customers exactly what is going on.

"Depending on the person, they might get it, and it might go flawlessly, and everything's fine. But nine times out of 10, people are really confused when you knock on the door and you're standing six feet away from their porch," he shared. "We've had a couple of customers complain, 'Oh, why is my food here? Why is it on the floor?'"

So between having to assemble the cardboard device that allows for the safe delivery to having to explain this system to most people, this all adds on time between customers placing the order and actually eating the pizza from a company that is all about getting food delivered in a fast and efficient manner.

If you happen to find yourself getting a bit frustrated, just remember that these safety precautions are necessary, especially since the pandemic is far from over. If you happen to notice your delivery person doing things that might not be what you're accustomed to seeing, don't be alarmed. They're just looking out for you, and themselves.

Jennifer Maldonado
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