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Kroger Is Launching Its Own Plant-Based Line—Here's What You Can Expect

No matter your diet, these Simple Truth products are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Eating a plant-based diet will soon be easier than ever. Kroger's plant-based meat substitutes will hit supermarkets nationwide next year, and there are a lot of new offerings.

Kroger announced that its new grocery line, Simple Truth, will be entirely plant-based. The supermarket chain is following in the footsteps of the Impossible Whopper and the Beyond Burger, with the growing popularity of meat-inspired food products.

Kroger's 2019 food trends outlook highlighted that millennials and women are leading a complete shift in the consumer food market away from meat, according to Supermarket News. So it's not surprising that stores and restaurants are introducing alternatives to fill that void.

Eating a plant-based diet will now be more accessible and affordable than ever with the new Simple Truth products. A more recognizable label will help customers find these items easily, both in stores and online, to give the whole plant-based way of eating a try.

What products will be included in Kroger's plant-based line?

Kroger is introducing everything from meatless burgers, grinds, sausages, and vegetarian-friendly deli slices to non-dairy alternatives for cheese and sour cream. And the deli slices and sausages each come in two varieties, so there are plenty of options. There are black forest ham and salt and pepper "turkey" options for the deli slices, and kielbasa and chorizo for the sausages. So no matter your preference, you'll have them both in 100 percent plant-based varieties.

Simple Truth will even carry Alfredo and Bolognese pasta sauce, cream cheese, sour cream, french onion dip, queso, and chocolate chip cookie dough. Even though these products were the only ones released thus far, there is a portfolio of 1,550 natural and organic items that Kroger intends to release monthly, according to Supermarket News. The line was created in the hopes of supporting the eating preferences and wellness goals of Kroger's customers.

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When will Kroger's meat alternatives and plant-based line be available?

The plant-based meat products will be rolled out in all locations, with the first products hitting Kroger stores this fall. Some stores in Illinois, Indiana, and Colorado will test the plant-based products in the meat section of stores, too, which could make customers think twice about which option to buy. Ultimately, Kroger will have all of the Simple Truth products for sale by 2020.

With the rising popularity of the meatless diet, this new line is going to be a great new option for shoppers looking for plant-based foods. Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or just trying to cut down on your meat intake, this could be a great place to start.

This post has been updated with new information about the Simple Truth rollout from Kroger.

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