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Kroger is Being Sued for a Misleading, "Healthy" Name on This Grocery Item

The grocer's been accused of misleading consumers with a product name that sounds clean but isn't.

Grocery chain Kroger is facing a lawsuit over alleged deceptive branding of one of its in-house product lines, according to Cincinnati Business Courier.

A class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of customers in Portland, Oregon claims that the grocer's brand of jams Just Fruit is misleadingly labeled, causing deception and confusion around the actual ingredients and overall health benefits of the product.

Just Fruit jams are sold under Kroger's in-house label and are advertised as "spreadable fruit," which makes them appear minimally processed and using only simple, healthy ingredients, the lawsuit states. However, the ingredient list on these jams tells a different story. The first listed ingredient is fruit syrup, and the product contains a number of other non-fruit ingredients such as sweeteners, added sugars, apple juice concentrate, pectin, and calcium citrate.

This definitely seems a far cry from the clean, wholesome jam people think they're getting when they buy a product called "Just Fruit."

Healthy alternative products are in higher demand than ever. Customers are willing to pay premium prices for "clean" products with minimal additives, particularly added sugar. By calling their jams Just Fruit, Kroger is accused of knowingly engaging in deceptive branding which would create a higher demand for their product.

"Defendants are sophisticated grocer entities who manufacture and sell a number of products, and can be presumed to have an understanding of federal food labeling requirements," the lawsuit states. Kroger is yet to respond to these reports.

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