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The Single Best Way to Keep Homemade Cookies Fresher for Longer

This is how to make sure your homemade cookies stay fresh until the end of the week.

Making homemade cookies is a pastime for many, especially around the holidays. During the month of December, you may receive several batches of cookies from various loved ones in your life, and you probably make some yourself for holiday parties, cookie swaps, and gifts. The question is: what's the key to making cookies stay fresh for longer?

David Zaquine, pastry chef and owner of the dessert bar Sweet Rehab in New York City, and recipe developer and wellness writer Beth Lipton gave us some helpful tips on how you can make your homemade cookies remain fresher for longer.

What's the single best way to make freshly baked cookies last longer?

For soft cookies, Lipton says you must store them in a sealed air-tight container with parchment between the layers and a slice of white bread in the container. Why? The moisture from the bread will help keep the cookies soft. If you prefer crisp cookies, you can skip the bread and leave the container slightly open so air can circulate.

Lipton provides a few extra helpful tips on how you can properly store cookies so that they remain soft and scrumptious:

  1. Store different types of cookies in individual air-tight containers, don't combine them into one container. Why? If combined, the different flavors of cookies and textures will begin to blend together.
  2. Make sure your cookies are completely cool before storing.
  3. If it's going to be more than a couple of days, freeze the cookies.

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What could happen if cookies sit out on a table with no cover or lid for a few days?

"When you bake cookies, if you respect their indicated cooking time, then the cookies remain soft and good all day and can sit out on a table with no cover or lid for up to two days," Zaquine says. "If you go over the recommended baking time, the cookies become hard very fast if they sit out with no cover or lid."

Are there any particular flavors of cookies that tend to last longer than others?

Zaquine says that chocolate chips cookies tend to remain fresher for longer than other types of cookies, particularly those with nuts in them.

"Chocolate is soft and nuts are hard, so when you mix the chocolate with the dough, the chocolate bits physically take up some of the dough's space in the bowl, which ultimately makes the batch softer," says Zaquine.

In short, any cookie that's baked with a soft main ingredient will help to keep the surrounding dough softer for longer, too. The chef even recommends placing a chocolate square on top of each chocolate chip cookie before placing it in the oven!

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