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Justin Bieber Slams the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich As "Not Worth the Hype"

What do you mean, Biebs?

The Popeyes chicken sandwich just got its first detractor. Apparently, Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer-songwriter behind such eternal tunes as "Sorry" and "Baby," isn't a fan. As spotted by People magazine, the pop star posted a video to Instagram Stories on Thursday evening featuring not one, not two, but three of the highly coveted treats.

"I gotta see what all this hype is about," he said. "Al this hype on the Popeyes chicken sandwich—let me see what we got here…"

*Drum roll, please.*

justin bieber instagram stories post on the popeyes chicken sandwich
Instagram/Justin Bieber

"Not worth the hype," he wrote.

If that feels like a slap in the face, you probably have some 327.2 million people on your side. When the Popeyes chicken sandwich first hit the American market, on August 12, 2019, it went totally gangbusters. "The Popeyes chicken sandwich is here to save America," declared The New Yorker. Ultimately, it sold out in two weeks flat. Popeyes gave no indication on when, if ever, it would return.

But then, by the grace of the fast-food gods, the sandwich, like a grease-soaked Lazarus, came back from the dead. In early November, Popeyes restaurants around the nation started carrying the sandwich again—and the hype this go-around has had even more fervor. This time, lines reportedly plague Popeyes locations all day long. As reported by CNN, people have literally murdered each other over this thing! For someone who, by all accounts, has everything their heart desires, decides to dismiss it outright reads as a disrespectful PR blunder at best.

Biebs, there's only one thing you can say: "Sorry."

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