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How Jillian Michaels Helped These Women Shed Pounds Without a Gym

Don't have extra time to devote to the gym? Jillian Michaels has your solution.

Whether you're a busy parent, full time student, both or none, making time to hit the gym is usually more of a privilege than an option. But when you're eating clean and portioning out your meals without seeing those #TransformationTuesday-worthy results, beginning an exercise regimen seems like the only way to end your weight loss plateau. Which is exactly why you decided to take up working out. Great, but now what?

With so many of us lacking the time or money to invest in fancy gym memberships, celeb fitness trainer Jillian Michaels has found a way to bring the workouts to you. Michaels' interactive fitness app gives you access to 550 different exercises, professional chef- and registered dietitian-approved meal plans, and syncable progress tracking—all from the palm of your hand.

And it doesn't just sound effective; it is! Countless people have experienced phenomenal transformations thanks to Jillian's app, three of which we couldn't pass up sharing. Read on to find out how these relatable women were able to make over their bodies and lives by devoting minutes of their day (and a few megabytes of smartphone memory) to the fitness guru's app. And while you're laying down the yoga mat in your living room, check out these 30 Easy Ways To Lose Weight—Without Going To The Gym.


Jennifer lost 75 pounds by using Jillian Michaels' Train with Jillian Michaels app

Lost 75 Pounds

A few months before celebrating her fourth decade of life, Jennifer decided that she wanted to be "fabulous at 40" and lose the extra weight. "I wasn't looking for a quick weight loss fix, but a lifelong healthier version of myself," she said. As a mom who also juggled a full-time job, Jen didn't have hours to devote to the gym. But with the help of Michaels' app, coupled with counting calories, she was able to work out at home and lose an impressive 75 pounds in just about a year and a half.

What's even more commendable is that she's maintained her new rockin' bod for two years and counting! "I use Jillian's app as a large part of my maintenance plan. The ability to generate customized workouts is refreshing… Being able to set the time, intensity and body part/ workout type based on the time that I have available on any given day also means no excuses when I'm away from home and want to work out," she explained.

Why Jillian's App Worked For Jennifer

"The convenience and portability of the app is what's keeping me going—some days, all I have time for is a few of the daily circuits but I get it done."


Kellie lost 120 pounds by using Jillian Michaels' Train with Jillian Michaels app

Lost 120 Pounds

Despite being a full-time teacher, full-time grad student, planning her nuptials, and in the process of buying a home, Kellie was able to pull off a 120-pound weight loss! How? "Reaching my health and fitness goals was a top priority in my life," Kellie asserted. "Because I wasn't always able make it to the gym with my schedule, I was able to still get in effective and motivating workouts with Jillian's DVDs."

While the 30 Day Shred, a fat-blasting program that combines cardio and strength training, is her favorite, Kellie doesn't tire of the other workouts that she's done "probably at least a hundred times."

Why Jillian's App Worked For Kellie

It was Jillian's "motivating attitude" that helped Kellie push through. To keep things interesting and challenge her body, Kellie also subscribes to Jillian's online workout platform, FitFusion, adding, "I continue to follow Jillian via social media because her health and fitness tips along with her inspiring stories remind me how far I've come and how imperative it is that I keep my health my number one priority."


Kathleen lost 30 pounds by using Jillian Michaels' Train with Jillian Michaels app

Lost Over 30 Pounds

As a recent divorcee and single mom of two kids, Kathleen had a lot on her plate in addition to an extra 30 pounds of body fat she wanted to shed. After a friend filled her in on the 30 Day Shred, Kat was intrigued yet hesitant because she couldn't afford aggravating old injuries from a bicycle accident.

Why Jillian's App Worked For Kathleen

Fortunately for Kathleen and her history of injuries, "I was so pleasantly surprised when I started the 30 Day Shred that it used more isometric [low impact] movements rather than high impact movements—not to mention I could do it at home!" she exclaimed.

She completed the workouts four or more times a week as well as "stuck to a diet of lean protein and vegetables and significantly reducing my dairy intake (which, being from Wisconsin, was not easy)," she humorously added. Now, the busy mom is proud to admit, "For the first time in years I feel good about the way I look and have I more energy than ever."


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