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You'll See More of This on Grocery Store Shelves Now

This is finally becoming normal again!

Grocery store shelves have seen their fair share of changes lately. When the coronavirus pandemic began, lots of grocery staples were nowhere to be found. Once their stock went up, other items disappeared. But that trend is slowing down, and shoppers are reporting that stocked shelves are on the rise.

Data from the Food Industry Association reveals that the number of consumers who say shelves in their grocery stores are fully stocked has gone up. In March, only 13% of shoppers said shelves were full. By mid-July, that number went up to 27%. On the other side, only 18% of consumers say products are unavailable, which is significantly lower than the 46% seen earlier this year, according to Food Dive.

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Companies have been working on bringing inventory back to pre-pandemic levels. The CEO of Campbell's says their plants are working 24/7 to keep up with increased demand. Sales of King Arthur Baking Company's flour went up over 150% between March and June. The company increased production and introduced new bag amounts of the essential baking ingredient to keep up, according to Forbes.

People are also spending less at the grocery store now compared to when most people were quarantining in late March and early April. Food Dive reports that the weekly average cost of groceries is now $134. It was about $160 a few months ago.

So with more people spending less and inventory going up, stocked shelves are making their return. However, the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise. Some experts are warning that a second wave of grocery hoarding could happen soon if lockdown measures are put back into place. This one likely would not be as bad at the first since it was basically without warning. But it is something to keep in mind as you shop.

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