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Your Local Grocery Store Could Do This If Customers Don't Follow Safety Rules

One market did this because people were unwilling to comply with guidelines.

It has been a few months of strict rules at grocery stores. By now some of the new safety habits, like wiping off carts, limiting the items you touch, using contactless payment options, and more are somewhat second nature.

Chances are you've worn a mask a lot. The CDC recommends people wear one in public. Yet, some grocery stores have taken it a step further and made it a rule that all customers must have their nose and mouth covered while shopping. So far there are more than 10 — including some big-name favorites like Walmart, Trader Joe's, Costco, Target, Publix, and more.

There have been instances where people haven't followed the rule, though. One supermarket owner in New York did something drastic because of rule-breakers, and to hopefully teach them a lesson.

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The only grocery store in the Middleburgh, New York area, Valley Market, closed its doors for an entire Sunday because customers were abusing staff, according to local station ABC 10. And with this strategy gaining coverage, your local grocery store could close, too.

"I felt like I needed to make a statement to say how important this is and what this would be like if we did close," Geanine Eisel, the owner of the store, told the news station. She made the decision because it was hard to enforce the state-wide mandate, and people were giving employees trouble for trying. There was also a "conflict" between a mask-wearing customer and two without masks.

"If there was a better understanding and everybody just kind of followed the rules, everything would be ok," one employee said.

Grocery store workers across the country feel the same and have voiced their frustrations to other local news stations. Big grocery retailers are taking steps to hopefully avoid similar encounters. Walmart is using "health ambassadors" to enforce its mandatory mask mandate. But, because near you a grocery store could close for this reason, Here's What you Should Do If other Grocery Shoppers Aren't Wearing Masks.

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