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4 Grocery List Apps to Streamline Your Shopping Once and for All

Ditch the handwritten shopping list that you always forget in the car and download these apps.

Self-proclaiming your title as crazy coupon lady is almost as good as pinpointing an unconventional strength as a weakness during your job interview. It may seem initially unappealing, but your habits or personality traits actually work in your favor. Well, most of the time. Back to couponing: Because it's the 21st century, smart tech has allowed us to ditch the scissors and download a grocery list app instead.

Grocery list apps? Yeah, those exist, because, well, there's an app for everything. The helpful software can streamline your grocery shopping once and for all by organizing your low-carb snack list and even comparing your go-to store's prices against its competitors. The best part? Chances are, the odds are in favor of you forgetting the grocery list you scribbled on sticky notes rather than your iPhone. Next time your pantry stash starts to run low, download these grocery apps before you hit the store for easier and more efficient shopping.


Grocery Pal

grocery pal app

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

From Kroger to Walmart to CVS to Aldi, Grocery Pal will help you add exclusive items on sale to your shopping list, compare prices across stores to ensure you're getting the best deals, and inform you on which stores participate in price matching. Plus, the app allows you to browse manufacturer coupons by category and print them out to use in stores.


Out of Milk

out of milk app

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Whether you're out of chicken breast, gummy vitamins, toilet paper, or, well, milk, Out of Milk has got you covered. The user-friendly app comes clad with three virtual lists: The Pantry List, which reminds you what you already have at home; the Shopping List, which highlights what you need to buy; and the To-Do List, which helps you track other must-get-done tasks.



anylist app

Get it on the App Store (not available on Google Play).

Asked your roommate to pick up a carton of eggs, but you ended up grabbing it on your way home from work? AnyList allows you to share your shopping list with others and updates in real time, so everyone's up to date on what's missing in the fridge. What's more, you can also organize recipes, plan your meals, and add specific ingredients to your list. Talk about meal planning made easy! This one's great for roommates, partners, and friends to share when it comes to planning the week's groceries or who's bringing what to a party or a potluck.


Our Groceries Shopping List

our groceries shopping list app

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Rather than rummaging through your cluttered purse to find a working pen, simply check the Ezekiel loaf and aged cheddar block off your shopping list with a quick tap of your finger. What's more, you can organize your items by category or aisle and even add a photo to an item (a premium feature) so your partner can get it right this time.

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