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The One Food You'll See More of at Grocery Stores Soon

Expect this type of food at some restaurants, too!

Grocery stores look different in the wake of new coronavirus safety measures. Aisles are one way. There are buying limits on some products. Return policies are different. And many stores are upgrading their online ordering and mobile apps to entice you to skip coming into the store altogether.

But another change that is making its way to supermarkets is one that is safer and will save you time. Grab-and-go/premade food options will be more readily available because of the pandemic. They are convenient and individually packaged. Some grocery stores offering the options are already seeing positive results.

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Foxtrot Market, which operates stores in Chicago and Dallas, specializes in getting customers in and out quickly. They also offer delivery on market and cafe orders. At the beginning of the pandemic, they switched up the lounging areas in stores to shelves for grab-and-go food and prepackaged items, according to Grocery Dive. That, combined with delivery orders, fared well for the market. They were able to double their revenue from January to May compared to what they made the same time last year.

The quick-service style of prepackaged and grab-and-go meals is gaining popularity. DoorDash recently announced they are creating an online store with ready-made options as well as 2,000 items available for delivery.

Restaurants are following suit. One owner in Mississippi changed up the style of their restaurant when the pandemic began to include "a grocery market, ready-made meals, grab-and-go salads, a soup bar manned by employees with tastings available and a small dining area for guests to order chef-made meals," according to Grocery Dive. They say they will be prepared to keep selling food if stay-at-home orders are put back into place and they have to shut down again.

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