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22 Food Swaps That Save 100 Calories

Make these small changes and witness your weight drop.

While foregoing your thrice-weekly cheat meal will definitely fast forward the time it takes you to achieve those body goals, losing weight shouldn't be centered around deprivation. In fact, swapping out certain foods for less caloric variations is an easy way to save calories during every meal. And that adds up.

To help you make smarter choices without sacrificing too much for a toned tummy, we've put together a list of simple swaps that slash 100 calories off your meals. Just put three of these a day into practice and you'll melt over a pound off your frame in less than two weeks! Want to see results faster? Pair these solutions with our 50 Best Weight Loss Tips.


Pour Sparkling Water Instead of Soda

Spindrift coke

Drink This: Spindrift in Strawberry (1 can), 9 calories

Not That!: Coke (10 oz), 120 calories

Calories Saved: 111


Cook Eggs With Olive Oil Spray Instead of Oil

Olive oil

Eat This: 365 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking Spray, 0 calories

Not That!: Bragg Organic Olive Oil (1 tbs), 120 calories

Calories Saved: 120


Splash Cream Into Your Coffee Rather Than Making a Latte

Coffee latte

Eat This: Coffee With One Tablespoon Cream, 50 calories

Not That!: Latte (12 oz. with 2% milk), 150 calories

Calories Saved: 100 calories


Eat Quaker Instant Oatmeal Original Over Quaker Real Medleys


Eat This: Quaker Instant Oatmeal Original, 100 calories

Not That!: Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal Summer Berry, 250 calories

Calories Saved: 150


Toss The Top Slice of Bread Off Sandwiches


Eat This: One Slice of Bread (like Rudi's Organic Bakery 100% Whole Wheat), 100 calories

Not That!: Two Slices of Bread, 200 calories

Calories Saved: 100


Enjoy a Serving of Special K Red Berries Instead of Honey Bunches of Oats Whole Grain Honey Crunch


Eat This: Special K Red Berries, 110 calories

Not That!: Honey Bunches of Oats Whole Grain Honey Crunch, 220 calories

Calories Saved: 110


Swap Your Burger Bun for Lettuce

Eat This: Arnold Sesame Seeded Sandwich Rolls, 150 calories

Not That!: Two Leaves Lettuce, 8 calories

Calories Saved: 142


Instead of Chips, Dip Veggies Into Hummus

Eat This: Baby Carrots (3.5 oz), 35 calories

Not That!: Tostitos Original Restaurant Style (1 oz), 140 calories

Calories Saved: 106


Dress Your Salads With Balsamic Vinegar Instead of Ranch

Salad dressing

Eat This: Colavita Balsamic Vinegar (2 tbs), 30 calories

Not That!: Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (2 tbs), 140 calories

Calories Saved: 110


Fork Into Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna In Water Instead of Starkist Selects E.V.O.O. Yellowfin Tuna With Sun-Dried Tomato


Eat This: Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna In Water, 50 calories

Not That!: Starkist Selects E.V.O.O. Yellowfin Tuna with Sun-dried Tomato, 150 calories

Calories Saved: 100


Order a Vodka Soda Instead of a Mojito


Eat This: Vodka Soda, 96 calories

Not That!: Mojito, 242 calories

Calories Saved: 146


Grill Chicken Breast Rather Than 70% Lean Beef


Eat This: Chicken Breast (100 g), 165 calories

Not That!: 70% Lean Beef (100 g), 332 calories

Calories Saved: 167


Add Steamed Broccoli to Your Omelet Instead of Parmesan

Broccoli cheese

Eat This: Steamed Broccoli (½ cup), 15 calories

Not That!: Parmesan Cheese (1 oz), 122 calories

Calories Saved: 107


Order a Tall, Skim Vanilla Latte Instead of a Venti, Skim Vanilla Latte at Starbucks


Eat This: Tall, Skim Vanilla Latte, 150 calories

Not That!: Venti, Skim Vanilla Latte, 250 calories

Calories Saved: 100


Swap Two Tablespoons of Peanut Butter for PB2

peanut butter

Eat This: PB2 (2 tbs), 45 calories

Not That!: Smucker's Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (2 tbs), 180 calories

Calories Saved: 135


Choose Chobani Simply 100 Over Chobani Flips Peanut Caramel Satisfaction


Eat This: Chobani Simply 100 Yogurt, 100 calories

Not That!: Chobani Flips Peanut Caramel Satisfaction, 200 calories

Calories Saved: 100


Saute With One Cup of Vegetable Broth Instead of a Tablespoon of Olive Oil

Broth olive oil

Eat This: Pacific Organic Vegetable Broth, 15 calories

Not That!: Olive Oil, 120 calories

Calories Saved: 108


Grill Turkey Bacon Instead of Sausage Links for Breakfast

Breakfast meat

Eat This: Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon (2 slices), 70 calories

Not That!: Johnsonville Original Recipe Breakfast Sausage Links (3 links), 170 calories

Calories Saved: 100


Blend Silken Tofu Into Your Smoothies Rather Than a Cup of Whole Milk

Tofu milk

Eat This: Silken Tofu, 45 calories

Not That!: Whole Milk, 148 calories

Calories Saved: 103


Top Your Toast With Cottage Cheese Instead of Peanut Butter

Toast topper

Eat This: Cottage Cheese (¼ cup), 50 calories

Not That!: Peanut Butter (2 tbs), 180 calories

Calories Saved: 130


Sip Unsweetened Tea Instead of a Cup of Iced Tea

Iced tea

Eat This: Honest Organic "Just" Green Tea, 0 calories

Not That!: Gold Peak Sweet Tea (1 bottle), 190 calories

Calories Saved: 190


Grab Hot Sauce Instead of Spicy Mayo

Hot sauce

Eat This: Cholula Hot Sauce (1 tbs), 0 calories

Not That!: Hellmann's Organic Spicy Chipotle Mayo (1 tbs), 100 calories

Calories Saved: 100