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This Is the #1 Beloved Suburban Chain for Breakfast

Great breakfast takeout isn't impossible to find.

Breakfast has been a suffering restaurant category since the beginning of the pandemic, but that doesn't mean no one's buying breakfast anymore.

Wendy's, for example, is thriving on its reputation as one of the most popular drive-thru breakfast destinations. And breakfast orders are also booming in the suburbs, where residents have gotten used to living a lifestyle within their limited, commute-free radius.

First Watch, a suburban chain that specializes in breakfast, lunch, and brunch, is reporting largely recovered sales since the beginning of the pandemic, Restaurant Business reports.

CEO Chris Tomasso told the publication the company's earnings are 90% back to pre-pandemic levels, and the biggest portion of that comes from their breakfast sales. The chain's 365 locations across 29 states have largely been catering to families looking for takeout breakfast and brunch options.

While the chain reopened all of their locations by June 29, takeout is one of the most popular options and currently accounts for 30% of sales. And while you may not consider a plate of breakfast to be the most takeout-friendly food, Tomasso notes the chain hasn't seen an increase in breakfast orders that seem more portable, like breakfast sandwiches. "I would say it this way: Crave-abiliy became more important than portability," he said to RB.

Instead, the company's early investment in sturdy to-go packaging is keeping takeout orders fresh, and customers are coming back for the same plated foods they were ordering while eating on premises.

What's on the menu?

For those who haven't tried it, First Watch's menu boasts craveable classics like made-to-order omelets, pancakes, and BLTs, as well as lighter options like house-made granola, quinoa bowls, and freshly squeezed juices. Some of the most popular items include an avocado toast served with two eggs ($10.79) and lemon ricotta pancakes ($9.99) topped with lemon curd and berries.

The chain recently trimmed their menu but added Brunch Bundles, family-sized meals that feed a family of two for $19.99 or four for $34.99.

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