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Dr. Fauci Says Here's When We Return to Normal 

Don’t expect to enjoy a movie at the theater risk-free for quite some time.

Crowded movie theaters, bleachers filled with spectators shouting and cheering for the favorite team, schools filled with students not wearing masks, and office buildings bustling with workers. These are all images of what the world looked like prior to the December 2019 arrival of COVID-19. While the majority of the world anxiously awaits a return to the life we were all so accustomed to, it might be a while before things resemble that sort of normal, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. During the Johns Hopkins University Health Policy Forum on Friday, the nation's leading infectious disease expert discussed with Bloomberg School of Public Health Dean Ellen MacKenzie when we can let down our guard and return to the lives we once considered the norm — and unfortunately, we have months and even years to wait. Read on, and don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus.

When Does Dr. Fauci Think We Will be Back to Normal?

"You know, I think that we will ultimately get back close to what was formally normal without even considering any of the things that we consider right now," he said. "I think how quickly we get there and how completely we get there is going to be dependent on a number of factors that we can't nail down the nose."

He then went on to explain the various factors that need to line up, starting with the "efficacy of a vaccine." It will depend on if it is "60%, 70%, 90% effective."

Then, once there is an effective vaccine, it will depend on how many people get it, as well as if people will still partake in the other public health measures. "As important is what is the uptake of the vaccine? Will people willingly get vaccinated? Will they accept the fact that even after we get a vaccine, we likely would have to implement, to some extent, continued public health practices?"

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We May Not Be Back to Normal Until Beyond 2021

Ultimately, he doesn't predict that things have any semblance of normal until the end of 2021 or well into 2022. 

"We may not for months and months and months into 2021 —or even beyond —  we may not be able to in every section of the country have uninhibited theaters that are just completely packed sports events, where the spectators are crowded all over each other," he continued. "We may not get there for a while, depending upon the factors that I mentioned, vaccine uptake and our ability to implement some form of public health measures." So make sure you use precautions, and also don't visit any of these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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