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Dr. Fauci's Latest Ways to Avoid COVID-19

Here’s how to protect yourself from a coronavirus infection, according to the nation's top expert.

Eight months into the coronavirus pandemic and there are nearly 24 million confirmed cases of the virus around the world. How can you avoid becoming a statistic? In a new interview with the Infectious Diseases Society of America released today, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, revealed the "fundamental principles of public health" that will not only help you protect your health, but also help the world get the health crisis under control. Read on, and to keep yourself and others safe during this pandemic, don't miss this essential list of the Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus.


Fauci Says: Wear a Mask

Woman in a face mask sitting at a bar, looking at the camera while holding her smart phone in her hands

If there is one message that Dr. Fauci has been attempting to get across, it is about the importance of masks, which prevent you from spreading—and catching—droplets of infection. He mentioned masks yet again during his latest interview.


Fauci Says: Socially Distance Yourself From Others

Two friends with protective masks greet with waving to each other.Alternative greeting during quarantine to avoid physical contact

Dr. Fauci also continues to promote social distancing—maintaining a distance of 6 feet between yourself and others who do not live in the same household. 


Fauci Says: Avoid Crowds

Woman standing and cheering at a baseball game

Due to the fact that crowded places make it impossible to socially distance, Fauci insists on the importance of avoiding them altogether. This includes any "outdoor functions." 


Fauci Says: Outdoors is Better Than Indoors

Woman celebrating without mask

In general, one of the rules Fauci lives by is "outdoors better than indoors." Why? Research has found that the virus is more transmissible in indoor spaces. 


Fauci Says: If Indoors With People You Don't Shelter With, Wear a Mask

male taxi driver wearing face protective medical mask driving car with passenger

Fauci reiterated that if you do happen to head indoors—especially when attending a function with a lot of people—don't forget to mask up. 


Fauci Says: Open Windows

Another way you can protect your health while indoors is opening windows, according to Dr. Fauci. 


Fauci Says: Practice Hand Hygiene

Mid section of senior man washing hands in the kitchen


Hand hygiene is just as important now as it was in the beginning of the pandemic. Dr. Fauci suggests "sanitizing your hands" either with soap or water or artificial sanitizers.


Fauci Says: Stay Away From Bars

Friends in the Pub

"Stay away from bars," Fauci ordered, adding that authorities should shut them down when needed, "because they are the hotspots of spread."


Fauci's Bottom Line

Older man and woman holding hands in shape of heart for good heart health

Dr. Fauci is confident that doing these simple things will be a game-changer in the battle against coronavirus. "If we can do that, then we can come a long way to prevent outbreak and surges and to contain them when they occur," he concludes. As for yourself: to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 37 Places You're Most Likely to Catch Coronavirus.

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