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Dr. Fauci Says This is Where COVID-19 Could Strike Next

Several states are on track to become the next California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

This week, as many states are breaking records in not only the number of new COVID-19 infections but hospitalizations and deaths, the nation's top infectious disease expert is increasingly concerned. In a new interview with The Atlantic, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, revealed that some of the problem areas of the country are quickly transitioning into emerging hotspots around the country. 

"We've got to almost reset this and say, OK, let's stop this nonsense," he said when asked about his thoughts on the federal response to the pandemic and what we can do to turn things around. 

"We've got to figure out, How can we get our control over this now, and, looking forward, how can we make sure that next month, we don't have another example of California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona, because those are the hot zones now, and I'm looking at the map, saying we got to make sure it doesn't happen in other states."

He also added that the surge of cases was "inevitable" as "pictures and photos and films of people at bars with no masks, congregating in crowds" started emerging. 

"The problem is, since we started off our baseline so high, as we tried to open up, you saw that there was a wide variation in how that was done," he said. Then, cases started to rise, "and now we're hanging around 60,000. That's untenable. We've got to turn that around, and that's really the issue we've got to address right now," Fauci added.

According to a new model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, the forecast of expected deaths as a result of COVID-19 has jumped up to 2224,000, something the chair Dr. Chris Murray attributes to the giant surge in cases. 

"That increase in our forecasts is being driven by the big upsurge in you know the ones we know about in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California," he told CNN, adding that there are other states that are "driving up our forecasts, as we look ahead" as well. "There's a longer list of states where deaths are going up, as well as hospitalizations," he pointed out, listing Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah. 

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