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This Fast-Food Chain is Serving the Most Popular Breakfast in the Country

In a sea of declining morning sales, one chain's breakfast menu is more popular than ever.

While breakfast sales have been a pain point for many chains, so much so that McDonald's and IHOP actually downsized their breakfast offerings, Wendy's new breakfast has actually attracted crowds at the drive-thru, helping expedite the chain's rebound from the pandemic.

The company's same-store sales have recovered fully since April, and their new breakfast is largely credited for those boosted sales that made up for the losses in the past months.

Launched during the height of the pandemic in March, when shutdowns changed work routines and commutes, the new breakfast menu really had a lot working against it. However, in a sea of declining breakfast sales (sorry Starbucks), Wendy's breakfast program has already turned a profit.

In fact, you could say that Wendy's is serving the hottest breakfast in town right now.

The company is going all in and expecting an even bigger growth in breakfast sales in the second half of the year, as things (hopefully!) start resembling a new normal. CEO Todd Penegor announced Wendy's will be investing $15 million in the remainder of the year to promote their breakfast menu and capitalize on a growing opportunity.

"We plan to market breakfast in a big way in the back half of the year as more people fall into their daily routines," he said in a recent earnings call.

Efficient drive-thrus have also been a huge part of Wendy's successful recovery, as well as digital sales, which have doubled since last year. The chain recently launched a new loyalty program to retain the customers who love their any-time-of-day Baconators.

So what's on this breakfast menu, anyway?

In case you missed it, good old breakfast comfort classics are the backbone of Wendy's breakfast menu. Egg sandwiches come in croissants, biscuits, or rolls, with the crowning jewel being the Breakfast Baconator, the morning version of Wendy's claim-to-fame burger. Combo deals include sandwiches plus a caffeinated beverage and a potato side.

Also, they use real, hand-cracked eggs, which isn't something most chains can say about their breakfast sandwiches.

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Mura Dominko
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