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I Lost 100 Pounds Eating Pizza—Here's How

I know what you're thinking, because I had my doubts, too. The idea of my new book, The Pizza Diet, sounds ridiculous at first—like an oxymoron—or worse yet, like just another in the endless parade of weight-loss gimmicks we've been subjected to for decades, from the cookie diet, to the grapefruit diet to something called the "werewolf " diet, where meals are based on the lunar calendar.

But this is no fad, and I have my medical paperwork and the before-and-after photos to prove it to you.

I lost more than 100 pounds in 9 months on The Pizza Diet and reversed several health problems that stemmed from weighing far more than I should have. How is it possible to eat pizza every day and still lose weight, you ask? It starts with redefining how we think of pizza.

Made correctly, pizza is filled with a mix of nutrients that make it a truly nutritious meal. It's only fattening junk food if it's made quickly and cheaply with low-quality ingredients the way most pizza is dished out in the United States. Most dough used by American pizzerias is nutritionally deficient and loaded with preservatives and hydrogenated fat. The cheese is greasy, and the toppings are often frozen. If that's the kind of pizza you're eating, your body is going to suffer.

My pizza—part of the meal plan in The Pizza Diet—is different. It's made in the old Italian way, with fresh produce and special dough, and it fits nicely into a diverse, well-rounded diet. Despite what's been drummed into our heads over the last few years, not all carbs are bad. They make up an important part of our diet, and they're essential for our body to function properly. They provide energy, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and the fiber contained in many types (including fruits, vegetables and whole grains) helps us feel fuller and keeps our weight down. (Studies have also shown that eating foods with our hands, such as pizza, helps us feel more satisfied because it helps us experience greater aroma and texture of our food.)

The plan I lay out in The Pizza Diet is based on the Mediterranean Diet, that way of eating based on the old traditions of Greece and southern Italy, where the rates of chronic disease are among the lowest in the world and the life expectancy is highest. This is what I grew up with; this is the food I love. This is the best pizza for weight loss.

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