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The Beloved Peppermint Mocha Returns to Dunkin' This Week

Mark your calendar for the peppermint mocha's return.

Halloween is officially over, which can only mean one thing: The holiday season is approaching. And with it comes the onslaught of winter-themed food and drinks—think hot cocoa-flavored treats and plenty of peppermint. One fan-favorite winter drink that's making a comeback is the Dunkin' peppermint mocha, which officially returns to stores on Wednesday, November 6. And the best part is, it's not the only holiday drink hitting Dunkin' locations this week.

What's on the Dunkin' holiday menu this year?

In addition to the return of peppermint mocha, there are a number of Dunkin' "signature" lattes to help ring in the season. (These are the chain's fancier latte options, which come topped with whipped cream and aren't included in the chain's regular $2 promotions.)

The Dunkin' signature holiday latte flavors include:

  • Holiday Eggnog
  • Merry Mocha Mint
  • Toasted Gingerbread
  • Frosted White Chocolate

And if you're wondering what the difference is between a Merry Mocha Mint latte and a regular ol' peppermint mocha, it's all in the toppings. The signature version features a "mocha drizzle" and a shake of hot chocolate powder, according to QSR. (And whipped cream, of course.) Peppermint mocha fans will be especially thrilled this year—the minty beverage wasn't on Dunkin's menu last holiday season.

The Dunkin' holiday lineup will also make gingerbread fans happy. Starbucks reportedly isn't offering a gingerbread latte this year, so the Dunkin' gingerbread flavor could be the perfect swap.

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What else should fans know about Dunkin's holiday offerings?

For one thing, there's a way to get the peppermint mocha earlier than Wednesday, if you can't wait that long. Fans who order or pay with the Dunkin' app can get the peppermint mocha starting on Tuesday, November 5.

The other fun thing about the new Dunkin' menu is the chain's assortment of holiday cups. Rather than going with traditional holiday colors, Dunkin' printed hot and iced cups with snowflakes in its signature pink hue. The cups also feature holiday buzzwords, like Sleighin', Wrappin', and Dashin'. (There's no word on whether Dunkin' will offer special holiday-themed reusable cups, as Starbucks has done in the past.)

If you're one of the many fans hoping peppermint mocha would return to Dunkin' this year, you're in luck. And if one of the other seasonal coffee flavors is more your speed, Dunkin' has you covered there, too.

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