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This Beloved Pizza Chain Just Changed Its Menu for the First Time in Nearly a Decade

Say hello to two new pizza flavors inspired by your favorite food delivery orders.

This just in: Domino's just announced it will debut two new pizza flavors, both of which are inspired by other popular entrées. Oh, and it's kind of a big deal, considering it's been eight years since the company released an all-new pizza.

The new menu additions to be on the lookout for this fall are a cheeseburger pizza and a chicken taco pizza—yes, you read that correctly—and were designed specifically for delivery. Think about it: How many times have you ordered a burger or tacos from a delivery service, and by the time they made it to your door, all of the toppings and ingredients were splayed all across the inside of the box?

Now, imagine avoiding that mess by enjoying the concept of those delicacies on a pizza, which is more likely to stay intact while en route to your home.

dominos pizzas
Courtesy of Domino's

"The idea started from looking at the current food delivery landscape," Domino's chief marketing officer Art D'Elia told Nation's Restaurant News. "With a lot of people relying on aggregators to get tacos and burgers delivered, there are a ton of social media posts out there about soggy burgers and tacos, so we wanted to give people tacos and burgers that actually stand up well to delivery."

What's all on these meaty fine pizzas, you ask? On the chicken taco pizza, the base layer is made of provolone and cheddar cheese and sprinkled with diced tomatoes, green peppers, fresh onions, grilled chicken, American cheese, and taco seasoning. The cheeseburger pizza has a similar base as the taco one, but instead, is stacked with all of the classic burger essentials (fresh onions, diced tomatoes, American Cheese, beef) in addition to a custom ketchup-mustard sauce. Each specialty pizza pie will go for $11.99.

The real question is: Did Domino's successfully implement the distinctive flavors and textures of a burger and taco into its brand new menu items? Will the taco pizza take precedent over your usual taco Tuesday order? You'll have to be the judge of that.

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