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7 Discontinued Cookies You'll Never See Again

These were lunchbox staples back in the day.

Some classic American snacks, like Oreos or Chips Ahoy! cookies, will probably always be on store shelves. But others, like Giggles Cookies or Keebler Magic Middles, are lost in the vaults of time. If you find yourself longing for the lunchbox treats of yore, you're not alone! Nostalgia can hit hard, and there's something comforting about returning to childhood snacks.

We've rounded up some of the best discontinued cookies from back in the day. These had plenty of devoted fans, but they still won't be returning to stores anytime soon.

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Giggles Cookies

box of giggles cookies from 1980s commercial

These cookies, popular in the 1980s, were sort of like vanilla Oreos, but they had smiling faces on them and had both vanilla and chocolate fillings. The faces were a little creepy, but not creepy enough to stop them from being a lunchbox staple.

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Pepperidge Farm Star Wars Cookies

pepperidge farm star wars cookies
Pepperidge Farm/YouTube

With vanilla, chocolate, and even peanut butter flavors, Star Wars cookies were similar to Teddy Grahams, though they predated them by several years. They're no longer around, but there's no shortage of merchandise for Star Wars fans, even including an Instant Pot collection.

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Keebler Magic Middles

keebler magic middles
Courtesy of Keebler

These shortbread cookies were stuffed with fudge or peanut butter fillings. There have been plenty of petitions to bring them back, but none have succeeded yet.


Lunchables Cookies 'n Frosting

lunchables cookies and frosting

These days, Lunchables makes dippable cookies and frosting, similar to Dunkaroos. But '90s kids will remember the cookies 'n frosting packs, which came with sugar cookies and blue frosting or Oreo cookies and vanilla frosting. There were even s'mores and brownie flavors, too, but the blue frosting was the most coveted of all.


Moon Pie Crunch

stack of moon pies mini chocolate cookie cakes
Natali Ploskaya/Shutterstock

You might not think of traditional Moon Pies as cookies, but hear us out! Moon Pie Crunch had crunchy cookies, rather than the soft-baked ones that come with the original Moon Pie.


Apple Newtons

fig newtons on serving board
Alp Aksoy/Shutterstock

Fig Newtons still come in multiple flavors, but apple isn't one of them.


Oreo Big Stuf

oreo big stuf

Oreos seem to make their way into countless dessert recipes, but even the chocolate sandwich cookie brand isn't immune to product cancellations. The mega-sized Oreo Big Stuf cookie isn't on shelves anymore, though you can still get oversized Oreo cookies in products like the Klondike Oreo ice cream sandwich.

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