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Dax Shepard's "Absolute Favorite Dessert" Will Surprise You

The actor and podcast host shares his ideal summer treat with us—and how you can make it at home.

Everyone craves a big, heaping bowl of ice cream during the summer. But for those who are lactose-intolerant or just feel bloated after eating dairy, it can be tough to find a non-dairy option that perfectly mimics the taste and texture of the real thing. Dax Shepard feels your pain.

The actor and host of the podcast, Armchair Expert, loves ice cream, but, as is the case with roughly 70 percent of adults globally, dairy doesn't always agree with him. In fact, he's noticed that dairy is one of the foods that causes his arthritis to flare up.

"I've known I had psoriatic arthritis for probably eight years, and once I got that diagnosis, I really started focusing on what I was eating," Shepard tells Eat This, Not That!. "For me, it's eggs, dairy, and gluten. So, if I can stay away from those three things, generally, my arthritis is way better and I don't have to take medicine, which is my goal."

After trying about every single non-dairy brand on the market, Shepard discovered Planet Oat oat milk and its frozen dessert line about a year and a half ago and hasn't turned back since. "It has the perfect consistency and it's just really creamy," he says of the vegan brand. "It's the first [milk] I really loved with cereal, and the packaging is adorable."

Shepard also says that he uses Planet Oat frozen dessert flavors to create his absolute favorite dessert: A banana split.

But, this isn't your traditional banana split with one scoop of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream. "I'm an iconoclast and I like to use the peanut butter and chocolate," he says. "It's outrageous. The peanut butter chocolate is life-changing."

dax shepard planet oat
Dax Shepard scoops up Planet Oat Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts in Los Angeles, CAMatt Sayles, Associated Press

Shepard's family, including his wife, Kristen Bell, also loves his non-dairy take on the classic American dessert, and he adds that it's a great way to make sure his kids are getting some extra fruit in the day.

"For all of us to pig out on some banana splits and then feel fine afterward, it feels like I'm really living in the future somehow," jokes Shepard. "Like, we've arrived."

Right now, Planet Oat is giving away complimentary Summer Kits that are packed with coupons for free frozen desserts and cartons of oat milk, a picnic blanket, sundae supplies, and more—which is, frankly, the perfect way to test out Dax Shepard's favorite dessert yourself.

While it might not be safe to host huge gatherings with friends, inviting a small group over for an outdoor ice cream social may be exactly what you need to boost your spirits.

"I think people need to be really cognizant of their mental health and a big cornerstone of mental health is being social, we're social animals," says Shepard. "I think it's necessary for people to figure out how to be social and still be safe."

Oh, and satiated with ice cream too. Even if you can't stomach dairy.

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