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David Chang Finally Weighs In on the Endless "Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?" Debate

The "chef of the decade" answers the food world's most eternally burning question.

It's the hottest debate of the modern era: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Merriam-Webster dictionary says "yes." The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council—which, yeah, is a real thing—says "no." Jeff Mauro, the host of Food Network's Sandwich King, says "yes," too…but he also thinks a burrito counts as a sandwich, so his opinion can't be trusted.

Well, now, the hottest chef of the modern era, David Chang, has entered the fray to settle things once and for all.

Chang, who founded the lauded Momofuku restaurant empire and was deemed by The Washington Post as the "chef of the decade," has been having a bit of a moment lately. The first season of his new show, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner—a food travel show featuring A-listers like Seth Rogan, Lena Waithe, and Kate McKinnon—hit Netflix last month and was quickly hailed as a worthy successor to Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown. His other hit Netflix show, Ugly Delicious, was picked up for a second season. And earlier this year, he made headlines for signing a two-year deal to produce shows for Hulu with his pal Chrissy Teigen (who pops up in the delightful Marrakesh episode of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Naturally, Chang has been making the media rounds, answering burning questions on all manner of topics, including what he wants to be remembered for when he dies ("My job is successful if people don't remember me."), how often Rogan smokes illicit substances ("Every hour."), and where the next Momofuku Noodle Bar will be (Vancouver, British Columbia). But, over at The Takeout, in what may be the world's most succinct and to-the-point interview, he addressed the big one: "Is a hot dog a sandwich?"

"Aren't there more important questions to ask?" he said. "I'll just say this: I like to eat hot dogs as much as I like to eat sandwiches."

Same, David. Same.

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