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These U.S. Hotpsots Are 'On the Brink' of a New Lockdown

They set records over the weekend.

As temperatures continue to rise across the country, coronavirus cases are piling up—shattering unwanted records in the process. This weekend, the highly infectious and potentially deadly virus unleashed its wrath on some western and southern states as well as cities, with numbers of infections, hospitalization, and deaths continuing to peak. Click through to see which U.S. hotspots were hit the hardest.


Los Angeles

View of Hollywood Boulevard at sunset.

Despite shutting down earlier than most cities, since they started reopening, Los Angeles has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Over the weekend the City of Angels reported at least 2,216—their highest number of hospitalizations in a day. According to officials, their exacerbated health situation has been worsened due to their younger population, with over half of the 2,848 new cases reported on Sunday in people under 41 years old. According to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the city is "on the brink" of new widespread stay-at-home orders as they are experiencing the state's largest increase in confirmed coronavirus cases.




On Saturday Georgia reported a record single-day increase of cases, with a 4,6888. Their total number of infections is now up to 139,880. The state also broke records for the number of hospitalizations—3,036, a new record—an increase of 107 patients in 24 hours. 


North Carolina

Raleigh skyline in the summer with crepe myrtle trees in bloom

North Carolina also experienced a peak number of cases Saturday, reporting 2,522 and bringing their total to 98,092 infections across the state. While hospitalizations were down from the record high of 1,180 set on Friday, Sunday marked the seventh consecutive day in which hospitalizations topped 1,100 and the 12th consecutive day they topped 1,000.



Phoenix Arizona with its downtown lit by the last rays of sun at the dusk.

More people are dying of coronavirus in Arizona then ever before. The state reported its highest death count since the start of the pandemic over the weekend, with a total of 147 deaths on Saturday alone—30 more deaths than their previous one-day record, set on July 7 of 117 deaths. The Washington Post points out that Arizona was one of the last states to close and the first to open, decisions which are proving to be more destructive to their economy—as well as the health of their residents—than they hoped to avoid with their strategy. 



Lincoln Road shut down to the public to stop spread of Coronavirus Covid 19 Miami Beach Florida

Florida is experiencing one of the worst COVID crises in the country. After reopening earlier than most other states, they have been breaking their own single-day case records multiple times in recent weeks. Many of their hospitals are also at capacity—at least 49 with no ICU beds available on Sunday. Five of them are in Broward County, just north of Miami Dade, which has experienced 10,000 new cases in a week with a positivity rate around 17%.



Louisville, Kentucky, USA skyline on the river.

Kentucky broke their COVID-19 case record on Sunday, with 979 new cases for a new total of 23,161, with Gov. Andy Beshear announced, calling it a "wake-up call."


How to Stay Healthy Where You Are

woman puts on face mask

As for yourself: To stay healthy no matter where you live, avoid crowds (and bars, and house parties), wear a face mask, practice social distancing, only run essential errands, wash your hands regularly, and to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 37 Places You're Most Likely to Catch Coronavirus.

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